You’re Not Special.

Yikes! That’s like saying, you know – your kid is great and all…but nothing special. Any parent would say “You have no idea what you’re talking about – my child is the most special thing in the world to me!”

So, I guess I mean something different. Valuable, yes…but special (as in some special case, totally unique and out of this world)…not so much. We are so alike in so many ways, it’s scary.

And I do mean scary. Isn’t it much more vulnerable to admit to being ordinary and normal? We search in the routine of our days for something more than that. I think that’s why we like to put labels on ourselves or other people. “You see, I’m ________, (and that makes me either scum of the earth or a superstar).” Both cases being “special.” No, you’re not. You’re just human. In need of grace. In need of love. In need of connection. In need of rest. In need of truth. In need of acceptance. That’s all of us. The cool kids, the nerds, the geeks, the popular, the ignorant, the genius, the talented, the shy, the lost, the educated…

All valuable. None really special.

The trick is to live there. Rather than fight it, can you lean into your ordinary moments and embrace them? You might get the gift of presence or you might be lost in numbness…but the sooner we look at reality, the less scary it becomes.